Arknovians are a race of intelligent life from the planet Arkenroh.


Arknovians have humanoid bodies though with a few major differences. Arknovians have claw-like hands with three finger digits and one thumb-like digit on each hand. The head of Arknovians usually consist of one large, round eye in the middle of their face. Arknovian mouths come in two forms and both are most common. The first form of mouth is human-like but much wider. The second kind of mouth is more crooked and the "skin" covering is formed in a zig-zag shape, unlike the normal horizontal shaped mouth of most other life forms mouths. Arknovians typically have tiny holes on either side of their head, used like an ear, detecting both sound and another form detection similar to that of echolocation

Known ArknoviansEdit

  • ====Edgar Moonblue====