Igaw Jova Moonblue (b. 1 January, 5000) was an Arknovian of the 6th Millenium, son of Pongran and Meirak Moonblue , and younger brother of Roger and Elkvar Moonblue . Igaw was a child prodigy, inventor and technician of advanced X4- 3 Technology for Alpine Research Industries. Igaw lives on a NB type Sponklirk orbiting the planet, Arkenroh.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Igaw was an Arknovian with golden reik hair .

Life at Alpine TechnologyEdit

Igaw's life at Alpine Technology involved recovering the history of various ancient artifacts, usually dating as far as 10,000 BC, most of which came from his association with the diary of Norman Frisk.

Inventions and DiscoveriesEdit

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