Teleportation is a common form of travel for the beings of the known universe. It is one of the fastest and there are many different varieties and techniques of it.

Types of TeleportationEdit

Ring-Holes - This form of teleportation involves ripping a whole in the fabric of space-time and manipulating strings. Once done it can cause one portal of a certain size, to open at another area somewhere else in the universe. The portals are opened using Ring-Hole gates, one ring-hole gate is set up in one location and the other is set up somewhere else. Once the gates are activated a portal is opened which creates a so-called "shortcut" which allows easy travel between long distances. Ring-Hole gates are a common item in Dark-Ports, and border controls are heavily enforced on either side of these gates. Ring-Holes between different universal sectors are illegal, as it can cause catastrophic consequnces to each sectors life structure.Edit

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